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Ankle boot with heel? There is Tory from Meriga. The Roccetta T. 50. bottom has a zip on the inside and a belt with buckle on the top. The combinations of colors and leathers make this model a particular and unique shoe. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

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The best of Made in Italy comfort from Meriga, with delivery, return and taxes included. Check out the discounts and ask for coupons for an accessible quality product. We do not use plastci materials for big size shoes online.

Can we find big size shoes online?

Amazon gives confidence to customers, has an impeccable online organization, and a truly unique business model in the world. And there is Amazon Prime, which delivers your favorite products in no time.

To this day, over 70% of people do research on Amazon to shop online.

No matter who is behind those shop windows, no matter the reason why sellers embark on the world of internet sales: very high costs, high fees, and the awareness that they have no other choice. 

Sellers do choose to sell online

Because you must be there: those who are not on Amazon, don’t exist.

Anyway, Amazon ha an Achilles’ heel. Because there one thing you will never find on Amazon, even after thousand and thousand of research: and it is uniqueness. 

I am talking about those craft, personalized, unique products, that are made by local manufacturers with expertly and mastery. 

Large size shoes, sewing custom clothing, craft bags in small quantities, original design products and so on. The exclusivity of a product and the requirement of a custom-made article:  these are things that Amazon will not be able to offer

Obviously there are sellers who offer large size shoes also on Amazon. However, it is such a marginal offer of low level that it does not constitute, at least for us Italians, an alternative solution to the artisan shops  We are talking about foreign distributors of large size shoes; where there is no trace of Made in Italy products:  an internationally renowned trademark that that is now synonymous with quality, but above all of craftsmanship 

Trying to buy a personalized, handmade and Made in Italy product online is almost an impossible mission: we will have to give up at least one of these three factors.

Their union, however, is the purest representation of the quality of human creativity.

So welcome the big feet and all those requirements that make our needs unique and special: as long as there is a need of a larger shoe and out of format, the skill of the artisans will have hope of survival.

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