Shoe care

Shoe care

First of all our shoes are already treated when they leave our laboratory for delivery, but the care of the shoe is fundamental if you want the craft work to last. Buying a pair of handmade shoes is a rewarding and satisfying experience, but the real challenge for a lover of this accessory is to preserve them over time. What can we do then? Here are some tips:

1. Always use a shoehorn when you put them on and take them off, whether for shoes with laces or not: in this way the leather insert in the heel will not be subjected to pressure.

2. Do not wear them for two consecutive days. This way they will dry out from the moisture and sweat of the foot, even if you have worn socks. In short, let them rest.

3. Insert a shoemaker inside when you put them away. If the shoes are wet put them to dry away from heat sources (radiators, stoves).

4. Remember to clean your shoes after each use: the brush must be soft, in natural bristles, pass it removing the dust from the upper and the seams. For the leather shoe, apply a light amount of gloss, to be applied with a strictly soft cloth. For suede shoes use spray products at the right distance, about 15/20 cm

5.Only when the shoes are perfectly dry, put them back in cardboard boxes, never in plastic bags, to allow a correct passage of air inside the shoe rack.

6. Canvas shoes do not require much effort: a sponge, water and neutral soap. Simply rub it on canvas shoes and then rinse. It is important to let them dry in the open air to prevent the formation of halos.


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