Cheap shoes

Cheap shoes

The dilemma of each of us when choosing a product is always the same. How much? Will I have spent the right price?

Nice dilemma. But let's think for a moment, we are faced with the choice of buying a pair of shoes, obviously there are price differences that also indicate a difference in quality. A low price ranging from € 20 to € 80, depends on which model (boot, ankle boot, etc.) is considered a low price, so unfortunately we will have a product with materials not worked well, such as leathers, or even plastic, not to then talk about the processing that is done who knows where and by whom.

If you want instead a real and serious product you have to go up a little bit in price, not much from € 40 to € 60, but you will notice the difference.

When you wear a product made with good materials and by expert craftsmen the difference is evident.

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