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What's better than a boot that can be worn on any occasion. Warm and comfortable Paolo presents a variation of suede colors and a soft molded rubber sole.

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Experience a product certified 100% Made in Italy with delivery, return and taxes included. Ask for discount coupons for your big size shoes. We do not use plastic materials for cheap big shoes.

How do we buy a pair of cheap big shoes? When we choose a product, whether they are shoes or something else, obviously we decide based on our portfolio, how much we can spend.

But let's do an analysis first. According to some considerations on price ranges, a shoe is considered economic if it ranges from € 10 to € 90, sandals are included, while for an average price and should be spent around € 140, over € 200 we go up to high end and beyond the € 500 we are in luxury.

But we take into consideration the economic range that goes from € 10 to € 90. We all know that for a low price we will have a low quality product, in fact shoe models of this price surely have badly worked skins if not even and here we are talking about really low prices, made with plastic materials. The plastic is not a great breathable and the foot with these materials suffers a lot.

If then we consider the workmanship, well here a topic also opens up sociological, because in order to have such low prices not only the materials are affected but also the workmanship. Not because they are badly made, of course they use machines to make a series production, but how much are the people who work there paid?

Basically we can say that buying is never easy and does not depend only on price, you have to be aware and know the products thoroughly to buy well, know the work behind it and the material used. In short, to get to know the company.

Many times it happens that companies that started out with good intentions have lost their way and have begun to lower production costs that affect materials and labor.

The advice is to try to follow a company and especially on the internet where you can find shoes from companies that offer discount coupons try to buy a mid-range product that is truly a quality product.

In short, everyone has their own dilemma, I buy well and spend a little more or spend less and buy not really well.

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