Menhir men's shoes 12.5

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Winter is not scary with Menhir, mountain-style ankle boot height but with style due to its Montana leather variants. The bottom is Wolker. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

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Unmissable shoes large sizes man / woman certified 100% Made in Italy with delivery, return and taxes included. Buy now or ask for your handmade model. We do not use plastic materials for men's shoes 12.5.

If they are not comfortable we do not make them men's shoes 12.5. The design is fine, 100% Made in Italy is fine, the configurator is fine where the customer is the main actor on how he wants his shoes choosing colors, leathers and fabrics , and high quality materials are good for making shoes.

And so we started to study the models, we studied the way to make the visitor of our site participate in configuring the shoes as they see fit, we studied the products with which the shoes are made, choosing materials that are REAL and AUTHENTIC. We were not happy and therefore we wanted a certification that made the customer sure of the origin of the product. 100% Made in Italy.

All these things had to come together in a single point: COMFORT.

So if they are not comfortable we do not make them, men's shoes 12.5.

So what do we do? We have all these things but ... Well we try them and we try them on others.

Thus we will have our evaluation but also that of other people

And that's exactly what we've done. Return home and not wait to take your shoes off or go to bed and forget to take them off?

This is the dilemma.

A lady, who took a model with a heel, told us that she walked in the center of Rome for miles, even on the cobblestones, and remained comfortable all day.

Another wrote to us that they are the most comfortable shoes in the history of COMODOCITA '. A new term was therefore coined, COMFORT, to express the satisfaction of wearing Meriga shoes.

It should be added to the dictionary and as a synonym Meriga.

Apart from the jokes we are happy to have reached the goal, to bring the public a comfortable product, MADE AS MADE IT says the slogan.

For you who have a large number, here on Merigastyle you will find what you are looking for: each shoe is handmade to give you the security of a certified and fashionable Italian product.

Ask for information to our mail or call us or write us via Whatsapp, we will reply quickly.

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