Giano men's shoes with large feet

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Giano is the perfect compromise between elegance and comfort. It comes with a dovetail and a double buckle on the outside, the various colors of brasivato make it wearable from jeans to a dress. The fund is a Wolker. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

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Confort 100% Made in Italy certified with delivery, return and taxes included. Discover the discounts and ask for coupons at for an accessible quality product. We do not use plastic materials for men's shoes with large feet.

No machinery is used for our products and all product processing is carried out by the craftsman, from the choice of shape to the design, from the cutting of the leather to the hemming, that is, the union of all the various pieces of the upper which may also require one hour of work for each model, assembly and gluing of the sole and heel, sewing, milling, polishing. Each step thus carried out gives the final product a valuable value.

The high quality of the materials and the care with which they are assembled make them extremely resistant. The men's shoes with large feet handmade last over time.

Confort is our password and our goal for each model in our sample collection. If they are not comfortable we do not do them. To do this we obviously need quality materials, because assembling a shoe with materials treated incorrectly or even with plastic materials does not make the product soft and comfortable.

In addition, our shoes are already treated when they leave our laboratory for delivery, but the care of the shoe is essential if you want the craftsmanship to last over time. Buying a pair of handmade shoes is a rewarding and satisfying experience, but the real challenge, for a lover of this accessory, is to preserve them over time.

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Glossy calf
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