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Super, high sneaker comes with lines to give movement to the model. Color variations lend themselves to every occasion. The skin is Montana, soft and comfortable and the sole is Convers. Delivery, return and taxes included.

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100% comfort Made in Italy certified with delivery, return and taxes included. Check out the discounts and ask for coupons at for an affordable quality product. We do not use plastic materials for large size men's shoes.

The look of today's man is constantly evolving, creating in most of us gentlemen, a certain uncertainty about the type of shoe to wear. Most men, however, prefer large size men's shoes  in lace-up style or as they are more commonly called: oxford style. Technically they are flat shoes with laces that are very reminiscent of the masculine style.

Beauty does not give way to comfort but rather joins a new concept of style of men's shoes, totally projected on originality. The Oxford shoes are so famous because they began to be used right in the famous university of Oxford, where they really went out of fashion and from where, then, they took the name.

Today we see them also worn by young boys, when they want to flaunt an original and fun look. Skinny jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts or colored shirts, perfectly match this style of men's shoes with big sizes, just like those lace-ups. And what's better than a contrast between jeans and elegant shoes.

Many instead wear under a men's sneaker suit or casual shoes with a rubber sole. In short, one could say that for men's shoes large numbers the world has turned upside down, on the other hand, breaking, that is putting classic shoes under jeans or casual under a dress, is a way to be noticed more.

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