Large size women's classic shoes

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big size women's shoes online
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big size women's shoes online

Price $200.45

Betty is an ankle boot with heel. It has an internal side zip to make it easier to put on and a belt with an outer buckle on the upper part. The tip is rounded but not too much and the heel is Rock Heel 50 of 5cm. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

Donny big and tall

Price $249.18

Donny is a whole program. Boot in suede variations with inner side zip and a satin band at the top. Wearing it is a pleasure. The sole is York model in leather. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

Diana large women's shoes

Price $232.57

Diana is an elaborate boot to give movement to the model, made soft by the materials used by the real calf leather and by the York background. It has a lacing in the back and the design has been designed for every occasion. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

Fulvia women's boots large sizes

Price $232.57

This boot, Fulvia, has been designed to give a touch of elegance to the comfort that is the basis of the Meriga work. It has a belt with an upright instep buckle, an inner zip and the slightly shaped Roccetta T.50 bottom of 5cm. Delivery, returns and taxes are included.


Price $198.24

Giulia is an ankle-height boot, easy to wear with its side zip. The heel is a Rock 50 and remains comfortable even for long walks. We find 4 color variants in calfskin and one in Montana, which can be easily combined together with the configurator. To you the choice.

Hillary shoes Made in Italy large sizes

Price $192.70

Boot with 5cm heel and zip on the two sides of the model. Hillary comes in variants of calf leather and a Roccetta T.50 base. Skirt or jeans is not a problem for this model that is easily combined. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

Isa big size women's casual shoes

Price $160.58

Isa model of youth lace-up but for all ages, this is demonstrated by the success it has had in our clientele. With black bottom, shaped jack presented in black patent leather, round toe and possibility of variations in calfskin. Delivery, return and taxes are included.


Price $176.09

Lucy is the brogues that Meriga offers with variations in suede and calfskin and a shaped sole. Convenient in fit Lucy reflects the classic woman who with her color combinations comes out of the box.


Price $221.50

Laila is an elegant boot. Its peculiarity is the Lotus Gomma T50 5cm heel that makes this model comfortable but at the same time fashionable. It has a zip on the inside and a variety of suede colors.


Price $227.03

When the boot can be put on any occasion, it's called Noemi. Hand made 100% Made in Italy according to the Meriga standards, this model has a York bottom, an inner side zip and an elegant lacing in the back.


Price $180.52

Lace-up shoes with a 5cm high heel, classic but that always make their figure. The dovetail tip and the Roccetta T.50 bottom do the rest.

Siri women's shoes 11.5

Price $166.12

Siri laced is proposed in variants of calfskin. The classic design combined with a molded Vibram sole make it adaptable to events. The softness of the materials does the rest. Delivery, return and taxes are included.


Price $199.35

Soul is a boot designed and made comfortable by its carefully chosen materials. From calf leather to the bottom in Vibram. Excellent for various occasions, it makes it comfortable for the whole day. The elegance of the swallow-tail design on the tip and the two side elastic bands make it impeccable. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

Tory big size shoes online

Price $192.70

Ankle boot with heel? There is Tory from Meriga. The Roccetta T. 50. bottom has a zip on the inside and a belt with buckle on the top. The combinations of colors and leathers make this model a particular and unique shoe. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

Urban big size shoes in New York

Price $194.92

Urban, elegant with its suede and swallowtail tip colors. The bottom is in real Italian leather and has two elastic bands in the side parts that make it comfortable in the fit. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

Susan shoes for big feet

Price $209.31

Women's ankle boot height above the ankle, Susan comes with an internal side zip and a high border decoration that makes it unique and unseen. The bottom is a Roccetta and the calf leathers give this model a universal fit. Delivery, return and taxes are included.


Price $207.10

Elegant but always bootable boot. The upper part is in fabric and the part of the foot in black suede and the Roccia T5 bottom make it really interesting.

large size shoes

Price $202.67

Cleo is an elegant ankle-high boot and internal zip suitable for any occasion. The eccentric part is given by the printed leather with real leather sole and 5cm heel.