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Donny big and tall

Price $249.18

Donny is a whole program. Boot in suede variations with inner side zip and a satin band at the top. Wearing it is a pleasure. The sole is York model in leather. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

large size casual shoes

Price $209.31

Here is Kira, an ankle-height boot for those who want to be noticed. Presented with rounded toe, inner side zip and three straps with buckles over the neck. The belts and part of the sole / leather seam are decorated with small studs. Mounted on a Kris base. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

women's shoes 11

Price $209.31

Cowgirl style ankle boot with worked leather that makes it special. The sole is in real leather and the color variants give the possibility to express themselves in any occasion. Delivery, return and taxes are included.

large size women's shoes

Price $204.88

Ankle boot height Cenny is presented with printed leather color variants. With internal side zip to favor the fit and real leather sole. Delivery, return and taxes included.

women's shoes size 10

Price $166.12

Andrea is an elegant sneaker adaptable to any occasion. Its comfort is due to the Power rubber sole and the use of soft and comfortable materials.


Price $207.10

Elegant but always bootable boot. The upper part is in fabric and the part of the foot in black suede and the Roccia T5 bottom make it really interesting.

large size shoes

Price $202.67

Cleo is an elegant ankle-high boot and internal zip suitable for any occasion. The eccentric part is given by the printed leather with real leather sole and 5cm heel.

women's shoes size 9.5

Price $205.99

Miky is a classic amphibian, but its peculiarity is its lightness and comfort. Wearing this model has the feeling of having an extremely comfortable shoe. Despite its lightness it is very hot even in winter.